Fischer CT950 SR Composite Stick


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The Fischer CT950 Stick is a top-of-the-line model built using Fischer’s PrimeTex® 3K carbon fibre that provides an exceptionally lightweight but durable stick.

Outstanding balance and the incredibly low weight of only 420 grams (based on P92 85 flex) characterise the Fischer CT950 stick.



The Fischer CT950 Composite Stick is lightweight and versatile while also excelling in responsiveness and reliability. It went through years of technological advances and lots of testing at all levels of play that was studied and developed into the all-rounded stick ready for any in-game situation!

The Responsive Hosel Technology or the RHT works with the powerful mid-kick point to provide deadly accuracy by preventing the blade face from twisting or torquing on big shots.

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Key features

  • Poly-Air-Bond blade combines the Dual Foam Core technology
  • Responsive Hosel Technology
  • Dual Foam Core Blade
  • One-piece Mono-Comp technology
  • CAP technology

Senior 60″ 75-105 flex
Intermediate 58″ 65 flex
Youth 55″ 50 flex
Junior 46″ 40 flex

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P92 , P28

95 , 85 , 75 , 65 , 50 , 40


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