Fischer RC ONE XPRO Composite


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New in 2023 Fischer RC ONE XPRO is a top-of-the-line model built using Fischer’s PrimeTex® 3K carbon fibre that provides an exceptionally lightweight but durable stick.

Integrated carbon bridges stabilise the blade while challenging goalies with powerful shots.  Outstanding balance and the incredibly low weight of only 410 grams (based on P92 85 flex) characterise the RC ONE XPRO.



The Fischer RC ONE XPRO is meant to meet the top player’s demands. This high-end performance hockey stick is built with a genuine one-piece construction for maximum energy transfer. It maintains all the energy you put into every shot and pass. Advanced fibre placement and sharp fibre orientation allow a quicker release to get the puck off the blade more easily. If you are a player looking for a stick to give you a lethal advantage on every shot, look no further.


Key features

  • Poly-Air-Bond blade combines the Dual Foam Core technology
  • Responsive Hosel Technology
  • Carbon Bridge Blade
  • One-piece Mono-Comp technology
  • CAP technology

Senior 60″ 65-105 flex
Intermediate 58″ 65 flex

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P92 , P28

75 , 85


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