Fischer CT450 SR Composite Stick


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The Fischer CT450 Stick provides a ton of bang-for-your-buck in terms of performance and durability. Carbon and fibreglass blend in the shaft balances impact-resistance and energy transfer, while the carbon blade provides a solid feel and control.

Great stick for Inline Hockey. The Blade is a full carbon which gives you the chance to play on every surface and even if the surface is a little rough it doesn’t matter.



The Fischer CT450 boasts a powerful mid-kick point that is geared towards the heavy shooter that likes to really lean into their shots, regardless of what kind it might be specifically. One single construction process that eliminates the need for a fusion point between the shaft and the blade provides excellent consistency and energy transfer. Carbon Composite Poly Air Bond Blade that provides an enhanced feel for the puck and overall responsiveness.

Key features

  • MonoComp Technology with Carbon and Fiberglass

  • Cap Technology – patented micro-thin foil system reinforcing the shaft for better impact durability

  • Responsive Hosel Technology (RHT) – reinforced, widened taper for improved accuracy and energy transfer

  • Extra reinforcement prevents the blade from twisting and torquing

  • Traditional mid-kick point for powerful shots

  • Round shaft corners with slightly concave sidewalls

  • Light grip finish


Only available in senior 60″ length and 75-95 flex

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P92 , P28

75 , 85


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