Fischer GC850 Composite Goalie Stick


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The Fischer GC850 Goalie Stick features lightweight, perfect balance and rebounds control. In addition, the glass laminate reinforced shaft that extends into the carbon blade guarantees exceptional durability and puck control.

In combination with its shock absorption system, this GC850 Goalie Stick is the right choice for any level of the game.



The Fischer GC850 Goalie Stick features lite structural foam material and provides additional vibration absorption and rebound control of the paddle. Aircraft carbon combines perfect stiffness with an outstanding balance. Fischer’s patented CapTech – a micro-thin foil system wrapped around the shaft – increases the impact durability of the stick. These low density, light, and durable materials enable better stick handling and improve the balance and weight of the stick.


Key features

  • Cap Tech is a patented micro-thin foil system wrapped around the shaft for more impact durability
  • Aircraft Carbon construction enables better energy transfer, durability and stiffness of the blade and paddle
  • Triple Foam Core improves the balance and core durability of the stick

Weight: 810 grams (based on P31 26″)

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Left P31 26" , Left P31 27" , Left P31 21" JR

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