Tackla 6600X Keeper Goalie Pants


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The Tackla 6600X Keeper Goalie hockey pants are pro-level goalie pants that provide outstanding protection paired with lightweight and impressive mobility. These Tackla Goalie Pants are an evolution in design built for durability and mobility.

If you are a competitive goaltender looking for durable, mobile, well-protected pants, look no further than these Tackla 6600X Keeper Goalie Pants.



The quality, fit and feel of the Tackla 6600X Keeper pants made it the choice of many professional goalies. The padding is constructed with a four-way leg stretch design allowing goalies to move comfortably in any direction. The thigh ribbing is providing protection that absorbs impacts from shots helping with better rebound control. The internal free-flowing design pads placement ensures higher quality mobility. Tackla has added extra floating style padding on the bottom of each pant leg that will pull over onto the lower thigh and knee of the goaltender, providing additional protection to shots just above the pad.

Externally the pants are made of highly durable 400D nylon material to prevent wear and tear over long term use. A spandex stretch insert in the groin area offers the goalies more freedom and flexibility when pushing around the crease.

Key features

  • Durable 400D nylon

  • 4-way leg stretch

  • Internal flowing low-leg pad

  • Rear thigh flex cuts

  • Adjustable protected waist belt

  • Front lace tie

  • Suspender attachments


The sizing of these pants is based on the goaltender’s waist size. Tackla indicates their sizing with the European sizing and conversion provided below.

Small – 30-31″ / 76-78 cm waist

Medium – 31-32″ / 78-81 cm waist

Large – 32-34″ / 81-86 cm waist

X-Large – 36-38″ / 91-96 cm waist

Goalie Pants come in a variety of styles and can be worn differently depending on the goaltender’s preference. If you are looking for more in-depth advice or want to try them on, please Contact us.

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Small , Medium , Large , X-Large

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