Fischer CT950 Composite Stick Full Review

Fischer’s flagman stick CT950 was first introduced to the market in 2019, but it went through a significant revamp in 2020. Not only the all-new sleeky design makes it look different, but so the technology makes it truly different from its younger sibling. This review will look at the Fischer CT950 composite ice hockey stick after its latest iteration.

First off, initially, the CT950 was extremely light at only 405g at 85 flex. However, because Fischer always makes all its sticks based on solid R&D and players’ feedback, the upgraded model came out 15g heavier but way stronger and with even better balance in return.

The stick is still made with Fischer’s proprietary PrimeTex 3K aircraft carbon but significantly improved by reducing an open factor in the fibre that makes the stick more durable without adding extra weight.

The shaft is traditionally square with slightly rounded corners. Going towards the middle of the shaft where the lower hand is usually placed, it transits into a concave ergonomic contour for a better grip as this shape fits more comfortably into players’ hands while helping to enhance flex of the stick.

Poly-Air-Bond blade combines the Dual Foam Core technology – a carbon frame with a lateral reinforcement and a high-pressure compressed foam filling. The blade works exceptionally well on the ice and all inline surfaces, such as inline courts or asphalt.

This technology ensures the blade is stiff, providing an optimal energy transfer during shooting while offering players a good puck feel.

The unique Responsive Hosel Technology features a wider taper for stronger torsional stiffness to increase shot accuracy by preventing the blade face from twisting or torquing on big shots.

The CT950 is a One-piece stick incorporating Fischer’s Mono-Comp technology, which means the stick is manufactured in one single process without fusing shaft and blade in separate steps. Additionally, the stick gets heat moulded in two turns, which is typical for custom pro-stock sticks. This approach allowed Fischer’s engineers to achieve an excellent balance and blade response without compromising durability and weight.

And finally, this stick also features Fischer’s proprietary patented CAP technology – a micro-thin foil system wrapped around the shaft for more impact durability.

Overall, the Fischer CT950 Composite Stick is lightweight and versatile while also excelling in responsiveness and reliability. It went through years of technological advances and lots of testing at all levels of play that was studied and developed into the all-rounded stick ready for any in-game situation!

Fischer CT950 SR Composite Stick

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