Graf QuickTurn QT 1.0 Wheels (4pcs)


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The Graf QuickTurn QT 1.0 Wheel provides ample grip and durability for a good price.

Players looking for a fast and grippy wheel made for a wood or smooth concrete floor can confidently go for the Graf QuickTurn QT 1.0 Wheels.



The Graf QuickTurn QT 1.0 Wheels are high-quality roller hockey wheels with high grip for indoor use. The urethane was softened to increase the overall grip so you can turn easier, knowing you aren’t going to slide out. This is provided by a durable core and 76A durometer. The yellow colour of the wheels gives a unique and flashy look that perfectly complements your roller hockey skates!

Many inline rinks are not sports courts or tile surfaces but are made of wood or a smooth/painted concrete that many indoor and outdoor wheels cannot perform their best on. The QuickTurn QT 1.0 is specifically made with these types of rinks and surfaces in mind, as the single-pour urethane wheel uses a different formula to make it adhere better to these types of surfaces.

These wheels are poured by the Graf, so you won’t ever need to question their quality.

Key features

  • Durometer: 76A
  • Surface: Indoor
  • Wheel Profile: Tapered. Pointed performance profile for speed and agility
  • Hub Size:  Standard 608
  • Weight: 67 gr (1pcs x 76 mm)
  • Packaging: 4 pack

Sizes Available: 59, 72, 76 & 80mm

The longer the frame, the higher it sits, and the bigger the wheel size it can fit. Below is a general frame length vs wheel size guide for inline skates:

Frame Length Suggested Maximum Wheel Size
245mm Maximum wheel size: 80mm
231mm Maximum wheel size: 76mm
219mm Maximum wheel size: 72mm

Please Note: Sizing information is approximate and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

Additional info


59 , 72 , 76 , 80

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