Tackla Breezer ProZone Girdle Pants


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Tackla revolutionised the hockey girdle pants with Breezer ProZone Girdlethe lightest elite pants on the market with a weight of approximately 1 kg only! The Breezers improve your game in many aspects: speed, manoeuvres, energy and endurance, dryness and protection.

The Tackla Breezer ProZone Girdle Pants are light, tough and cool to wear girdle pants for elite players.



Tackla accomplished ultra-lightweight using patented Floaters providing superb protection yet allowing free movement to speed the game up. These pants are very protective and yet eliminate profuse sweating as vented protective floaters and liners let air flow in and out of the pants.

Key features

  • Breathable mash
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Vented iBP protective caps
  • Pro jersey tie down
  • Flex back design

The Breezer sizing is based on the player’s waist size. Tackla indicates their sizing with the European sizing and conversion provided below.

Small – 30-31″ / 76-78 cm waist; inseam height 24 cm / 9,45″

Medium – 31-32″ / 78-81 cm waist; inseam height 26 cm / 10,24″

Large – 32-34″ / 81-86 cm waist; inseam height 28 cm / 11,02″

X-Large – 36-38″ / 91-96 cm waist; inseam height 31 cm / 12,20″

Please Note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. We always recommend you to try the pants on. If you are looking for more in-depth advice or want to try them on, please Contact us.

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Small , Medium , Large , X-Large

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