Fischer CT850 SR Composite Stick

Fischer CT850 SR Composite Stick


The Fischer CT850 Stick provides premium performance and feels without the huge price tag. The CT850 boasts Fischer’s top-of-the-line PrimeTex® 3K carbon fibre that gives players a very lightweight stick that is built to last. While the CT850 stick is a mid-kick point, it debuts the new Dual Foam Core blade that not only improves puck feel but it actually helps to speed up the shot release too.

The shaft features two exciting and unique features that provide excellent consistency and durability. Cap Technology helps to improve the CT850’s impact durability with a micro-thin foil system that reinforces the shaft without adding significant weight. As the shaft is being put together, Fischer uses an exclusive construction process that eliminates the fusion point between the shaft and the blade, which not many competitors are able to do but wish they could.

Lastly is the Responsive Hosel Technology or the RHT. This works with the powerful mid-kick point to provide deadly accuracy by preventing the blade face from twisting or torquing on big shots. Fischer achieved this by creating an ultra stiff taper by not only widening it but also reinforcing it after the fact as well.

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The Fischer CT850 impresses with its lightweight of only 425 grams and excellent balance, combined with outstanding puck feeling. The Responsive Hozel Technology (RHT) provides increased transfer of stored energy from the shaft into the Dual Foam Core Blade during the shot.


  • Aircraft Carbon/PrimeTex® fro Blade and Shaft
  • Dual Foam Core Blade
  • 425 grams (Based on an 85 flex P92)
  • True One-Piece PrimeTex®
  • Flex Point: Mid-kick

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